While a cannabis drug discovery company waits for its “moonshot,” it develops Keurig-style coffee pods

The long play for Las Vegas-based GB Sciences involves developing and patenting a slew of pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid therapies.

The short play starts with cannabis-infused coffee in a Keurig-compatible pod.

GB Sciences Inc., formerly operating as GrowBlox Sciences, inked a deal with Kush Cups to produce and distribute a line of cannabis-infused coffees and teas in single-use pods for Keurig-style coffee machines, company officials announced this week.

Financial terms were not disclosed for the agreement, which covers the production, distribution and sale of Kush Cups’ hot coffee, cold brew and teas within Nevada.

With the new partnership, the companies join a growing line of cannabis firms that have produced marijuana-infused coffee pods.

Read the full story at thecannabist.co.

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