Want to prevent Cannabis theft & diversion? Start collecting behavioral data.

By Jeremy Applen, Vice Chairman ASTM D37 and Leslie Engleking

With each passing year, FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards) is asked to investigate more and more cases of theft and diversion throughout the cannabis industry. Findings from records audits and compliance checks continually reveal sophisticated diversion schemes that, upon first look seem small, but more often than not, uncover staggering losses.

Product that circumvents the system through theft and diversion flies in the face of states’ efforts to control an unregulated market, and undermines the business goals of small businesses trying to be successful in this space. FOCUS fully supports the use of software to simplify compliance. However, traditional seed-to-sale platforms leave regulatory agencies and cannabis businesses exposed to theft and diversion. New platforms that incorporate standards, and systematize processes, measure the right data to catch and stop diversions schemes.  We are finally entering a new era where quality,…

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