Top 5 Predatory Practices In California Cannabis

With temporary licensing on the horizon, California’s cannabis industry is obviously on the cusp of really big things. With this green rush, our California cannabis business attorneys have been brought on to work on all kinds of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals and a bevy of MAUCRSA and local law regulatory compliance issues. These projects have exposed us to many who pitch various and sundry goods and services, claiming to offer “new paradigms” and “value adds,” but actually offering little to nothing.

Here are the five most common predatory practices we’re seeing in the Golden State cannabis industry so you can spot them when they’re coming at you and be able to avoid them.

  1. Brokers. Whether it’s for M&A, financing, or finding real estate, many brokers are all too willing to sell cannabis companies down the river when it comes to compliance and just plain common sense. Far too many brokers neither know nor care about local or state law and…

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