Oregonians’ Taste in Edibles Evolving

The bakers and confectioners, cooks, tincture-wizards and chocolatiers in Oregon who infuse their treats with weed don’t have it easy.

One month, the pot consumers of the Beaver State go nuts for bars of chocolate, but then they pivot to gummies. Understanding the consumer whims of marijuana-munching Oregonians demands close attention to sales data.

Candy and chocolate used to battle it out for market supremacy, but no more.

Back in January of this year, Beaver Staters were all-in for chocolates, which commanded 41 percent of the market on sales of $1.2 million according to cannabis data analytics firm BDS Analytics. Eighty percent of their chocolate dollars went towards bars, and the rest were spent on chocolate pieces. Candy, meanwhile, held 30 percent of the market, with sales of $900,000.

Fast-forward seven months to August, and the state’s consumer preferences for edibles has transformed. By the end of the summer, Oregonian edibles consumers spent more than half of their money — 51 percent — on…

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