2017 CBE 75 Most Important Women

Wowza, CBE Press (CBE) is extremely impressed with the credentials and accomplishments of the many women that we reviewed this year that are involved in building the Cannabis Industry and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to share the names, roles and accomplishments of each member of the 2017 CBE Most Important Women in cannabis list.

This year’s list includes women representing licensees (producers, processors, and retailers), ancillary businesses, the regulatory arena (state and federal), advocacy and state based associations and a couple of individuals who have made their mark in the past year moving the industry forward in the unrelenting effort to create a nationally regulated and prohibition free industry that competes under the same rules and guidelines that other similar industries enjoy.

CBE Press vetted over 250 women this year to compile the 2017 list and, as is the case with any CBE list political list, we erred on the side of ranking and slotting list members based on a variety of…

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