16th Street Mall smoking ban gets its first official airing at City Council

Downtown Denver leaders want residents, workers and tourists to breathe easier on the 16th Street Mall.

Unless they’re smokers. Then they want them to take a little hike before they light up or take a drag from their vape pen.

Forwarding an idea that dates back three years, Denver City Council President Albus Brooks is pushing the council to ban smoking on the entirety of the open-air mall from Broadway to Chestnut Place.

A draft ordinance Brooks is circulating would prohibit the use of e-cigarettes and vaporizers – no matter the substance inside — as well as cigarettes, cigars, stogies and the like. 

“This is a health and safety issue,” Brooks said in a meeting of the council’s safety, housing, education and homelessness committee Wednesday. “And to me it really comes…

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